1. astronomy-to-zoology:

    Genus Tremoctopus

    (Blanket Octopuses)

    (not octopi octopuses is correct when referring to different species)

    Blanket octopuses are a genus of pelagic (open water) octopuses that live in most tropical oceans. They get the name blanket due to the fact that the females have long webbing on their tentacles which looks like a blanket. These species exhibit extreme sexual dimorphism as the females are alot bigger than males and have the webbing, whereas males are a few centimeters long and have no webbing. This webbing is used as a defense mechanism, when a predator approaches the female she unveils her webbing making her look alot bigger. They also have the Badass property of being immune to the Portuguese man o war’s toxin and actually rip off their tentacles and use them for defensive purposes.



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    On the Streets With David Zinn’s Quirky Chalk and Charcoal Characters! See them all here: www.artfido.com/blog/on-the-streets-with-david-zinns-quirky-chalk-and-charcoal-characters/

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    Today the Department of Teeny-weeny Wonders shares the extraordinarily small and intricate creations of Satoshi Araki, an artist based in Tokyo who painstakingly crafts miniature dioramas of towns, vehicles, and particularly cityscapes altered by urban decay and warfare. The level of realism and detail that Araki achieves on a 1/35 scale is astonishing.

    "On his blog he explains that his primary tool for visual reference is google image search. Keywords like “Iraq war” and “Iraq ruins” (he warns that these search terms can also turn up some gruesome images) help him create scenes that are immensely life-like, even down to the smallest of details…”

    But wait, these complex miniature scenes become even more impressive when you learn that Araki’s primary medium is Styrofoam board, cut down (way, way down) to the desired size and shape and then painted with tremendous care and attention to detail. For a diorama depicting a bombed-out corner in Baghdad, Araki made tiny beer and soda cans with labels written in Arabic. The last step is to glue everything together.

    Follow Satoshi Araki’s blog or Twitter feed to check out more of his amazing creations.

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    Terra eating….a series. 

    She certainly is a strange creature….

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    Read the full interesting article HERE.

    Photos by Olaf Schuelke

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  7. archiemcphee:

    American humorous illustrator Rodney Pike has undertaken an awesomely silly project. He’s been using his Photoshop skills to insert the singularly goofy face of British entertainer Rowan Atkinson in character as Mr. Bean into a variety of portraits by the Old Masters. Judging by the lacy panties held in the hands of Thomas Howard (top image), painted by Hans Holbein the Younger in 1539, Pike sometimes tinkers with more than the faces in the portraits.

    If it weren’t for the befuddled expression forever worn on Mr. Bean’s face, these images could be a taste of additional series of Blackadder we’ve always wanted.

    Pike says he plans to complete 30 pieces for his Mr. Bean Collection, so keep an eye on his website or DeviantArt page for additional pieces.

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    Squirrel being fed by a marionette of an old lady being controlled by an old lady. My life is complete   

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    Stacked is an intense series that features the compact urban architecture of Hong Kong. Australia-based photographer Peter Stewart points his camera upwards to capture the abstract shapes that form the city’s densely populated public housing structures.